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"I couldn't be happier with the results I get with UN‑SCAN‑IT gel.... By taking a photo with a Spot camera and exporting the pictures to UN‑SCAN‑IT gel, I get great scans of the transition in density from one part of the gel to another. I also use the segment analysis to quantify the remaining material in the gel vs. a calibration curve." - Hank E., Pennsylvania, USA

"Those in the lab that have used UN‑SCAN‑IT gel have given it high praise. With so many accolades, we are interested in putting in on all the graduate student computers in our lab." - Cecelia L., Alabama, USA

UN‑SCAN‑IT gel Software can perform Western Blot Analysis and quantification using standard image files (JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG, etc.). The image files can come from a scanner, digital camera, Internet, or other image source. UN‑SCAN‑IT gel can analyze, quantify, and detect bands in Western Blots, dot blots, and other electrophoresis gel images. Simply load the image, define the lanes/segments, digitize the image, and analyze the data.

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With easy to use features, UN‑SCAN‑IT gel can become your Western Blot Analysis method of choice (and analyze other gels also). In addition, the analyzed gel data can be exported into other spreadsheet, data analysis, and presentation software.

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