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"So far, we have used your program for line graphs and for gels with standard curves and find that the program performs as well as the $18K densitometer in another department. Obviously we are pretty pleased with it... Thanks much, we really like this program!!" - Russell P., Kentucky, USA

"I have used several other programs for gel analysis over the last few years, and continue to return to UN-SCAN-IT gel as the most efficient and most flexible program available." - Susan B., Missouri, USA

"I couldn't be happier with the results I get with UN‑SCAN‑IT gel.... By taking a photo with a Spot camera and exporting the pictures to UN‑SCAN‑IT gel, I get great scans of the transition in density from one part of the gel to another. I also use the segment analysis to quantify the remaining material in the gel vs. a calibration curve." - Hank E., Pennsylvania, USA

The UN‑SCAN‑IT gel Software can perform SDS-PAGE Analysis and quantify your SDS-PAGE image files (JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG, etc.) using a simple and intuitive interface and just a few easy steps... load the image, define the lanes/segments, digitize the image, and analyze the data.

SDS-PAGE Analysis Steps

In addition, there are a variety of Gel Analysis Modes including Lanes, Segments, and Dot Blots.

Gel Analysis Modes

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