Convert Image Files to Data

Convert Image Files to (x,y) Data

The UN‑SCAN‑IT software is an accurate and intuitive tool for converting a graphical image to data. The UN‑SCAN‑IT software takes any standard image file (JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG, etc.) and determines the scaled (x,y) data values of the graph. These images can come from a scanner, digital camera, converted PDF file, internet, etc. To convert an image to data, there are 4 basic steps...

Convert Image Steps

To accurately convert scanned graph images to xy data, the graph reader / graph scanner software must deal with a variety of different graph types and issues. The UN‑SCAN‑IT image digitizing program contains both automatic and manual digitizing modes, and corrects for tilted graphs, variable line thickness, intersecting curves, log scales, grid lines, etc. (for a list of UN‑SCAN‑IT features click here). The digitized (x,y) data can be saved in ASCII text format and easily exported to spreadsheet, graphic, or data analysis program.

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UN-SCAN-IT Graph Digitizing Software

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