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"UN‑SCAN‑IT is phenomenal!! I am able to get valuable information that is saving me from re-doing experiments. Well worth the money!!" - Sue B., Michigan, USA

"I tested a bunch of similar software to digitize old climate data, and yours really was the best by far, hands down. Well done." - James J., New York, USA

Convert graphs, plots, charts, and images to (x,y) data with the UN‑SCAN‑IT software. UN‑SCAN‑IT extracts the underlying data values from any graph, plot, or image file (JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG, etc.). Simply scan the graph or use a standard image file, and the UN‑SCAN‑IT software will automatically convert the graph to data. Getting (x,y) data from graphs has never been easier, and only requires a few simple steps...

Graph to Data Steps

If you have ever needed to get data from published graphs, old plots, strip charts, or any other type of printed graph or graph image... UN‑SCAN‑IT is the solution. In addition to many graph digitizing features (click to see a list of features), UN‑SCAN‑IT also integrates peak areas, smoothes data, takes derivatives, re‑scales graphs, etc. The digitized (x,y) data can also be exported into other software for further analysis or used to prepare publication quality graphs.

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