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"So far, we have used your program for line graphs and for gels with standard curves and find that the program performs as well as the $18K densitometer in another department. Obviously we are pretty pleased with it... Thanks much, we really like this program!!" - Russell P., Kentucky, USA

"Those in the lab that have used UN‑SCAN‑IT gel have given it high praise. With so many accolades, we are interested in putting in on all the graduate student computers in our lab." - Cecelia L., Alabama, USA

"I have used several other programs for gel analysis over the last few years, and continue to return to UN-SCAN-IT gel as the most efficient and most flexible program available." - Susan B., Missouri, USA

UN‑SCAN‑IT gel Software can be used analyze and quantify gel electrophoresis images. UN‑SCAN‑IT gel imports standard image files (JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG, etc.) to analyze relative concentrations, band locations, and determine optical densities from a variety of gel electrophoresis types. With a simple and intuitive interface, this gel electrophoresis analysis program turns your computer and scanner (or image files) into a powerful gel densitometer.

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