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Extract Data from Graph

UN-SCAN-IT Software Extracts Data from Graphs, Plots, and Images

If you have graphs, plots, or image files... The UN‑SCAN‑IT software can extract the (x,y) data quickly and easily. Simply scan the graph or plot, or use a standard image file (JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG, etc.). Then load the image into the UN‑SCAN‑IT software, define the scale, and extract the (x,y) data. You can choose from a variety of Digitizing Modes ranging from fully Automatic to Semi-Automatic to Manual Mode.

Extract Data Steps

In addition to extracting data from graphs, plots, and images... The UN‑SCAN‑IT software can also integrate peak areas, smooth data, take derivatives, reĀ­scale graphs, and export the (x,y) data for use in spreadsheet, data analysis, and graphics programs.

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