Using a Scanner for Gel Densitometry

Gel Densitometry Software

The UN‑SCAN‑IT gel densitometry software is an intuitive tool for converting your scanner into a densitometer. The UN‑SCAN‑IT gel software quantifies scanned gels (JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG, etc. formats) to determine optical densities, relative concentrations, band locations, etc. Using your computer and scanner like a gel densitometer requires just a few simple steps...

Gel Densitometry Steps

Once the scanned gels are digitized, UN‑SCAN‑IT gel can perform densitometric analysis to create calibration curves for concentration and molecular weights (for a list of UN‑SCAN‑IT gel features click here). In addition, the gel data can be saved in clipboard or ASCII text format, which can be read by most spreadsheet, data analysis, or presentation programs.

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